Bumba Foundation Academy - MUGITI

The construction

Phase Two The construction continued following the release of the second phase of funding at the end of January. The second phase began with the construction of the metal framework and the setting of the concrete beams for the veranda. The beams also set the metal poles in place, which will support the roof on the veranda. The wooden beams and framework were then constructed and painted with preserve. Once the framework was constructed it was secured with additional brick work to the front, back and the dividing walls between the classrooms. With the structures in place the pre-painted iron sheets were secured in place with roofing nails. Plastering to the front of the school was also started with the balance of the remaining cement and sand from the brick work. The floors in the classrooms were also raised in preparation for the concrete slab flooring in phase 3. An additional latrine was dug during this phase and will be completed over the next month. The land and compound have also been cleared to provide the space for the children to play and use for recreation.