Bumba Foundation Academy - MUGITI

The construction

Phase Three The final phase began at the beginning of April. The metal windows were constructed at the local steelworks and fitted along with the doors. This sealed the school making it weather tight and allowed the plastering to begin. With the rainy season beginning it was essential the inside and outside of the school were plastered as quickly as possible. This is the current position of the construction and finishing the plastering, painting and concrete flooring is still to be completed. Construction is still on course to be completed by the end of May.

Phase 3 - Update May 2012

During phase 3 the concrete floors for the classrooms, office and veranda were set with hardcore and the finishing level was placed on top. The metal windows and doors were then fitted to the walls, which allowed the building to be secure. The builders then worked up the building to complete the final brick work and plaster the internal and external walls. Facer boards were fitted to the external facing walls and pained with preserve. With the main construction finished the plaster in the building was painted and oil paint used to protect the windows, doors and metal poles for the veranda. Finally the sign writers completed the building with the “Andrew Mitchell House” name placed on the building and a signposted erected for the main road.