Bumba Foundation Academy - MUGITI

Construction Complete

In July 2012 after 7 months of construction we completed the new community school in Migiti Sub-County in Budaka Eastern Uganda. The Bumba Foundation Academy is a shining example of a community based project which pulled everyone's skills together. Even though there were challenges during the construction, these enabled the values and support of the community to increase and improve the local ownership. The quality and value for money of the building was very good with local skilled builders working hand in hand with the management team. We are very proud of the first construction and will now begin fundraising for the furniture, which will allow the school to open for the new academic term. The chairman of the local government in Budaka highlighted: "We are very pleased with the support of the Bumba Foundation and feel that we have a real partnership in place. This partnership is helping the children in Budaka and providing them with a real future."