Bumba Foundation Academy - MUGITI

School opening

On Wednesday 16th January, the Bumba Foundation Academy in Mugiti was officially opened after 12 months of construction and arrangements. The opening ceremony was conducted by the Bumba Foundation – Uganda management team with a number of guests including the local MP for Budaka, local government officials and Martin Tilbury (representing the Bumba Foundation). At the opening ceremony the community came together to celebrate a new educational opportunity for the local children. As the tape was cut to open the school,the school shone in the sunshine as the laughter of the children replaced the rustling of the maize field that had stood on the site 12 months earlier. Martin reflected on the last 16 months of development:
"Over the past 16 months there have been many challenges to raise the funds and constructing the school using the right values. It’s fantastic to see the school finally open and the community have the ownership to provide the childrenin Mugiti with education and the positive future they deserve. The school opening is only the beginning and with the community, we will continue to explore and develop creative ways of supporting the formal and informal education process."