Bumba Foundation Academy - Iki Iki

The construction

Phase One

The construction of Andrew Mitchell House in Iki Iki began in May 2013 with the first phase, which was completed in June 2013. The first phase involved the digging of the foundations, the damp course, the brickwork, concrete beams and the poles for the veranda.

The construction began with the clearing and measuring of the site, which was followed by the sourcing and negotiation on the prices of the local materials. The site of the school has a strong rock base which provided the base of the foundations. With the foundations dug, we used the granite hardcore to make the concrete foundations and lay the first level of bricks.

The damp course was put on and the trenches were back filled to complete the foundations. The brickwork continued to the window level and given time to set. The steel rod frame was constructed and with the support of a wooden frame, was filled with concrete to form the concrete beam. The concrete beams were watered for a week to prevent the concrete drying too quickly but allowed the beams to strengthen. The poles for the veranda were set and concrete beams and brickwork set them in place. The final 4 layers of bricks were then constructed and after the entire brickwork was set, the wooden frames were taken down.