Bumba Foundation Academy - Iki Iki


In 2011 the Bumba Foundation developed a new school in Mugiti sub-county in Budaka District, Uganda and through the support from the Andrew Mitchell Christian Charitable Trust, construction Andrew Mitchell House (the main school building), which was completed and opened in January 2013. Following the success of the first school, the Andrew Mitchell Christian Charitable Trust agreed to fund a second school in Iki Iki sub county also in Budaka District.

  • Update

    With Andrew Mitchell House completed in November 2013 the Bumba Foundation raised the funds for the school furniture at the annual gala dinner, which allowed the Bumba Foundation Academy to open in January 2014.
  • Phase Three

    The third phase of the construction began at the end of September and was completed in November 2013. With the main building structure and roof completed in the previous phases the third phase began with the construction of the concrete floors in the classrooms, offices and the veranda. Once the floors were set the walls were sealed and plastered to strengthen the building. The local engineers then made and installed the steel windows and doors to provide the security to the building. The community then rallied round to support the painting of the school, which finished the building and resulted in the whole construction taking under 7 months to complete. Read more...
  • Phase Two

    The second phase of the construction of Andrew Mitchell House involved the roofing and final brick work. The roofing used a new construction method, which involved the use of Ultra Span steel trusses and roofing sheets, which were made to measure. The trusses and roofing sheets were manufactured by Uganda Baati in their factory in Kampala during July and transported to the site at the beginning of August. The construction of the roof took place during August and the local team of builders were supported by engineers from Uganda Baati who supplied the tools, roofing materials and expertise. which will support the roof on the veranda. Read more...
  • Phase One

    The construction of Andrew Mitchell House in Iki Iki began in May 2013 with the first phase, which was completed in June 2013. The first phase involved the digging of the foundations, the damp course, the brickwork, concrete beams and the poles for the veranda. Read more...