New Projects

We have been developing new project proposals with the Bumba Foundation Uganda management team and local community in Uganda, which encourages innovation and entrepreneurship whilst ensuring the projects are sustainable. In this section we provide information on the new projects that have been completed or are currently being developed and subject to funding.

    Water Well – Bumba Foundation Community School in Mugiti

    In December 2016 the drought in Eastern Uganda was having a big impact on the availability of clean water, which included our community school in Mugiti. Through the support of our patrons Greville and Lisa Mitchell, the AMCCT agreed to fund the installation and construction of a water well at our community school.

    The process began in January 2017 with the surveying of the land to establish the ideal location to access the water basin and then the drilling down 285 feet to the water basin. Once the drilling had been completed the piping was installed, capped and then foundations constructed.

    Due to the depth of the water basin, a hydraulic manual pump was installed into the foundations, which makes it easier for children to pump the water from the water basins depth.

    The water well now provides a sustainable fresh water source for the children attending the school and the community, which supports their health and the development of our agricultural project.

    Accommodation building – Bumba Foundation Academy in Mugiti

    In 2016 our main construction project was to build an accommodation building for our community school in Mugiti. The accommodation building was fully completed in December 2016 and consists of two dormitory rooms (one for girls and one for boys) and 3 small teacher accommodation homes in the centre of the building.

    The teacher’s accommodation provides each teacher with a living area, store room, bedroom and bathroom. Having the teachers on site, has allowed the education offer to continue beyond the standard school hours, provided additional support to the agricultural project and supports the boarding students emotional welfare.

    Vocational Skills Projects

    In March 2015, following an evaluation visit to Uganda involving community meetings, it was concluded that with the increase of poverty in rural parts of Uganda it was essential that young people gained academic education but also the importance of v ocational skills. Even though young people can now gain a quality education through the Bumba Foundation Community schools, there is a need to provide the young people attending the schools and the young people from the local community not attending school, with vocational skills to become employable or raise some income to reduce personal poverty.

    Vocational Skills Centre in Iki Iki:
    The project involves the development of the first vocational training centre in Budaka District at the Iki Iki community school. The centre will educate the young people attending and not attending school, in tailoring and craft making but also the skills to innovate and run a small micro business. The first phase began in April 2015 with the reconfiguration of the small building at the Iki Iki school, the purchasing of the initial equipment and materials, and also the recruitment of trainer to run the centre and train the young people.

    The centre currently provides some classes for the children attending the Bumba Foundation community school in Iki Iki but the main project is providing a group of young people not at school with training and workshops on tailoring and craft making. The young people attending the centre are aged 16-25 and they have all dropped out of school due to poverty and for many of the young women they got married at 15/16 years and have got 2-4 children. With the lack of education and employment, poverty is very real and this centre provides them with the skills and the hope that they can climb out poverty or at least give their family a future. The young people walk to the centre each day, which is over 8km each way for many of them and takes 3 hours, but they seem determined and happy to do anything just to have the chance to gain the skills and hopefully in the future make money for their family.

    Nursery Classrooms – Bumba Foundation Community School in Iki Iki

    Due to the local community needs and the success of the community school in Iki Iki, there was a great demand to expand the school to provide nursery classrooms (which was being delivered through makeshift classrooms) and a school hall. The new project involved the construction of a 2 classroom building which will have a temporary classroom partition and will allow the building to have joint purpose of a community hall. The construction began in April 2015 and was completed in August 2015, and took only 4 months. With the funds raised from the Bumba Foundation Charity Dinner, we were able to fund the local carpenters to make the furniture for the new classrooms in August, which allowed us to open the Nursery for the new school term in September 2015.

    Water Well

    In September 2014 through the support of our patrons, we were able to fund the installation and construction of a water well for Bumba Foundation Academy in Iki Iki. The process involved drilling down to the water basin (150 meters) and installing the water pump. The cost of the water well is £4,100 which results in a cost of £1 per children over the next 10 years for their drinking water. Providing a clean water supply for the children for the two schools is as a high priority and in 2015 we will look at raising the funds for a water well for the second school in Mugiti.

    Management Training

    In August 2014 we ran a two day training course for the 22 teachers / management team the two schools. The event focussed on improving the quality of education, effective business processes and leadership to ensure the education was sustainable in the future. Through the action plans which have been implemented from the training we have seen the quality of education improve with the use of innovation and creativity whilst also gaining a level of sustainability at the schools by December 2014.

    Rainwater collection system - Bumba Foundation Academy - Mugiti

    The work began with the strengthening of the walls of the school and installing the fascia boards which would hold the gutterings in place. With the building strengthened, we installed plastic long lasting guttering around the entire building and connected it to a pipe system which would link to the water tanks. The foundations were dug and two concrete slabs were constructed to house the two 5,000Lt water tanks. Once the tanks were in place the pipes, filters and water purification materials were installed. The installation of the system began in July and took 6 weeks to complete.The rainwater collection system is currently providing drinking water to the children attending the school and providing water for the irrigation of the school’s agricultural project.

    Solar Power system- Bumba Foundation Academy - Mugiti

    The installation of the solar power involved the manufacturing and installation of the brackets for the solar panels. Once the solar panels were installed, they were connected to a converter and batteries were installed in the school’s strong room (in the office section). The wiring and light points were also installed throughout the school building and provided lights in every classroom, office and security lights outside the building. Power points were also installed in the office area and the main solar system has the ability to add additional power points in the future if required. The installation took 1 week and is currently working successfully. The solar system is operating well and is providing more than sufficient power for the school’s operations and lighting for the school building. With the addition of the lights, the classrooms are also being used in the evenings by the community for meetings and training sessions.