It’s been a busy couple of days!

Written By James

James has been supporting the Bumba Foundation for the past 7 years and brings a wealth of experience in social media, IT and innovative methods of communication to the charity. James is very passionate about developing young people’s employment opportunities and utilising his skills to find creative IT solutions to measure the charities impact of our projects.

May 5, 2022

It feels like days ago we were getting up at 5am to throw ourselves into absolute chaos at Manchester Airport! Tuesday morning began with an hour wait to check in followed by an hour wait to get through security. Luckily the worst airport experience was out of the way early and we could begin our 2 day trip to Uganda. 

We had an interesting route to get to Uganda. By taking this odd route we managed to save a considerable amount of money that can then be spent elsewhere, and ultimately making this trip possible. Our route was as follows:

Manchester ➡️ Heathrow ➡️ Madrid ➡️ Heathrow ➡️ Nairobi ➡️ Entebbe

The reason for this is simple .. if we begin our journey in Madrid (checking in our bags and not seeing them until we arrive in Uganda) we save £1000 between us. So that meant we had the simple task of getting to Madrid to begin our adventure. It just so happened that the cheapest route was via Heathrow .. so we are now experts at navigating around Heathrow after visiting twice in 1 day.

Once we had got to Madrid, collected our 4 large bags of kit, navigated back to departures, waited an hour for someone to turn up at the check in desk, we could then relax in the knowledge that we didn’t need to worry about our bags until we arrived in Uganda.

Once we had arrived back in Heathrow for the second time, we had a quick taxi journey to a hotel, arriving here at 11pm, showering and sleeping for a 6am wake up to head back to the airport. An 8 hour flight later we find ourselves in Nairobi. Being the only 2 that had a onward international flight, and Martin being able to pull some strings, we were collected from the plane, walked across the tarmac and through security and escorted to the coffee shop, where was sat and waited for the lovely gentleman who helped us to returned with photos of our bags, as he had been to make sure they were put on the next flight.

After a short flight to Entebbe, we passed immigration and collected our luggage. Someone from the hotel was waiting to complete our journey. A one hour car ride and we could finally get our heads down at 4am. A long couple of days and we had made it!

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