The Story So Far

What Have We Achieved?

Since 2011 we have successfully raised the funds to build and run two community primary schools and two vocational skills centres in Budaka District, Eastern Uganda, which supports over 1,500 young people and community members each year. The projects focus on providing access to quality education, improving health & sanitation, reducing poverty, whilst increasing individual and community sustainability.

Bumba Foundation Academy Community School – Mugiti

In December 2011 we began the construction of our first school classroom building at our community school in Mugiti Sub- County in Budaka District in Eastern Uganda. The first building had 4 classrooms and 4 administration offices, and was finally completed in October 2012 and opened in January 2013 for the new academic term. In 2014, we began the construction of an additional 3 classroom building, which was completed and allowed us to offer all 7 primary classes for the 2015 academic year.

In 2018 we began the construction of a new 2 classroom building which is also used as a community hall and was completed in 2019. The building now accommodates an additional 76 children as well as allowing us to teach from Nursery to Primary 7.

Bumba Foundation Academy Community School – Iki Iki

Following the success of the first school in Mugiti, in 2013 we began the construction of our second community school in Iki Iki sub county in Budaka District. Following the construction of the first 4 classroom building in 2014, we constructed an additional 3 classroom building in 2015 and then a school hall/ nursery class building in 2016, which ensured all primary and nursery school classes could be offered in 2017. In 2019 we constructed an additional school accommodation building for students and teachers, which was opened in 2020.

Agricultural Vocational Skills Centre – Mugiti

Over the past 4 years, the Bumba Foundation has developed an agricultural vocational skills centre at the Bumba Foundation Community School, with the focus on the development of the demonstration gardens with innovative irrigation systems (with solar water pumps, water towers, drip lines & the creation of a micro climate) and piloting a peer education programme. In 2020 we constructed the gardener’s cottage, which provides basic accommodation for the gardener, storage, an office space for the project and a training space for the vocational training/ community education workshops. The project provides training to the local community and young people through workshops and training programmes.

Vocational Skills Centre (Agriculture) – Mugiti

With the majority of Uganda reliant upon agriculture for an income and basic food security, the continuous failed rains and climate change has had a devastating impact on communities. To address the challenges in Budaka and to fight famine, it’s essential that the community can adapt to the changing environmental conditions/ droughts and gain education in sustainable home farming.  

Educating young people is a key element in achieving this and supporting community resilience, which was why we developed the agricultural vocational skills centre at our community school in Mugiti. In 2017 we began the project with development of demonstration gardens which have been used to educate young people and the community through regular orientation sessions and the integration of practical agricultural education into the school timetable. Previously, agriculture was mainly taught through books and the new demonstration garden has allowed the young people to gain a practical knowledge and understand of the importance of agriculture to the household income.  

The project is continuously being developed to utilise innovation, manage water preservation, the development of a micro climate for the gardens and the education in commercial crops, which is then shared through peer education.

Vocational Skills Centre (Tailoring) – Iki Iki

The project involved the development of the first vocational training centre in Budaka District at the Iki Iki community school. The centre educates the young people attending and not attending school, in tailoring and craft making and also the skills to innovate and run a small micro business.  

The centre opened in 2015, supports young people aged 16-25, who have often dropped out of school due to poverty or because they had children at a young age. With the lack of education and employment, poverty is very real and this centre provides the young people with the skills and the hope that they can climb out of poverty. Over the first two years we trained over 209 young people with the focus on young women, which has had an impact on themselves and a wider impact on their families which has allowed us to support over 2,500 people.

Agricultural Apprentice Programme

The new programme will provide young people not in work/education with an apprentice training programme, focussed on practical knowledge & skills in self-sustainable farming, and through the development of their own home-farming microsites, they will also peer educate other young people in the wider community. The programme focuses on the transformational change within communities for young people to recognise, understand and develop self-sustainable farming as an employment opportunity and method of reducing community poverty.

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