Future Projects

Future Projects

There are so many needs in Uganda, which we want to address and we are continuously working with the local community to develop new projects that will offer education and reduce poverty for the children and young people. Any projects we undertake have to be cost effective, have maximum impact and have a long term sustainability.

Accommodation Building – Iki Iki Village, Budaka

The community primary schools in Budaka have been a great success, with them providing high quality education, access to vocational skills training and also providing breakfast and lunch for the children. Due to the community needs and the success of the schools, there is an increased demand to expand the school through the construction of an accommodation building which will allow us to provide a facility for the young people and local orphans who do not have suitable shelter or access to drinking water. The new project involves the construction of a building which will consist of two dormitories for the young people and 3 units to accommodate the teachers to support the young people and provide them with guardianship. The project will allow the orphans from the local community to fully access education and gain skills to support them to become active members of society and reduce their level of poverty.

Vocational Skills Centres

The vocational training centres have now been established and we have seen a cultural change in the community, with a greater value being placed on the vocational skills and a mindset that they can take control of their future. Over the next year we are looking to develop these projects further with peer education being used to have increased impact in the community, especially with the community agriculture projects. 


We are also looking to develop a playground for each school which will support the children’s physical and adolescent development. 

Kitchens Built

Rainwater/Solar Power Projects

Toilets Built

Fresh Water Wells Constructed

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