About Us & What We Do

About Us

The Bumba Foundation is a small UK registered charity (established in 2012) following the trustees work in Uganda since 1997. The Bumba Foundation provides sustainable education opportunities to children in vulnerable areas of Uganda through innovative projects and community ownership with a focus on the reduction of poverty. 

Our Focus

We Are Providing Education For Young People

The Bumba Foundation was set up to provide access to education and create opportunities to inspire and develop young people and their communities, through sustainable educational projects. Through the creation of our community schools and vocational centres, it allows young people regardless of their situation to gain the best academic and vocational education, appropriate for their needs. 

Where Are We Working?

The projects are currently being delivered in Budaka District (Eastern Uganda), as it is one of the poorer districts in Uganda with some of the highest levels of poverty, unemployment and low education quality, with the district ranked 76 lowest out of 82 districts in Uganda.

The Theory of Change

What is the difference we are trying to make?

Communities are self-sufficient and have the skills and ability to reduce poverty.


Through education, young people are given skills, knowledge, confidence and the ability to problem solve, whilst ensuring they create positive value in themselves and their community, which allows them to proactively fight poverty.


The Bumba Foundation creates educational opportunities to communities that have limited access to education appropriate for their needs and focuses on academic skills, vocational skills and the values needed to support community cohesion.


To ensure communities value education and ensure it is sustainable, the Bumba Foundation primary schools and vocational training centres are managed through a community management model which ensures that education is delivered at the appropriate level for young people and it addresses the real community needs.

Teachers & Support Team in Uganda


Volunteers & Supporters in the UK

Volunteers in Uganda

Get In Touch

Official Contact: 40 Dane Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7AR

Email: bumbafoundation@yahoo.co.uk


Uganda Contact: Michael Kirya

Email: kiryamic@gmail.com

Phone Number: (+00265) 0752550916

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